Dog Rescued by Dolphins

In Life by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, February 25, 2011, 8:36 AM (PST)
To the rescue!


Doberman rescue aided by dolphin pod

What can't dolphins do? They can talk, save people, play, and even rescue dogs! One Doberman was rescued in Florida after a pod of dolphins alerted neighbors to his whereabouts. Splashing dolphins to the rescue!

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The 11-year-old dog, Turbo, slipped out of his fenced yard and decided to go on a stroll this week, but we doubt he'll do that again. The aging pooch could have died had he not met up with some aquatic friends who made enough commotion to attract neighbors to a canal.

Somehow, Turbo had fallen into shallow water (was he chasing birds?), and he was treading water when local dolphins found him. They surrounded the dog and starting splashing until someone came to investigate.

Owner Cindy Burnett described her dog's rescue on NBC 2, saying that Turbo was "shivering and in a lot of distress...if he had to tread water all night long, I know he wouldn't have been able to."

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I wonder what went through the dolphins' minds when they saw the dog. Did they surround it to protect it, and then splash for help, or was the splashing just because they were excited about their new visitor in the canal? Either way, they saved the dog's life. Kudos to the Florida canal dolphins!

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