Dr. Ruth Gets in on Racy Twitter Trend

In Love & Sex by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, March 09, 2012, 12:30 PM (PST)
#youowemehead Twitter trend


Dr. Ruth Sounds Off on #Youowemehead Twitter Hashtag

Dr. Ruth has never been one to shy away from sexual discussions, not even when the hashtag #youowemehead made its way onto Twitter.

Of course, people using the hashtag were posting funny tweets, but Dr. Ruth had a different take.

Was it offensive? Meh. I suppose I've seen worse on Twitter.

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Most of the tweets were lame, actually: "I just paid for your food #youowemehead" or "Remember That Time I Lent You A Pencil & You Never Gave It Back #youowemehead."

Nothing worthy of a comedy award, for sure.

The "joke" it seems, may have been lost on Dr. Ruth Westheimer, famed psychosexual therapist, who tweeted: "Why not #iwanttogiveyouhead? Or #iwanttomakeyoucryoutwithpleasure?"


Westheimer had noted: "#youowemehead is filling Twitter world. I know many are funny but sex shouldn't be something that's owed but given freely, any position."

Read: PETA's Vegan Campaign Makes Sexual Promises sums up Dr. Ruth's interception (Twitterception?) pretty well: "At least one person on Twitter is preaching enthusiastic consent! And it's someone people will listen to. Someone has to teach kids why it's a good thing to have sex only with people who want to have sex with you."

What do you make of the racy hashtag?


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