Dyan Cannon Still Hot at 74 [PHOTO]

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, December 29, 2011, 7:50 AM (PST)
dyan cannon
Dyan Cannon sizzles at 74


Dyan Cannon Gets Better with Age

When I say that Dyan Cannon is still stunning at age 74, I'm not joking. Not even a little bit.

Apparently, Cannon, Rock Hudson's ex, has dipped into the fountain of youth because the woman never seems to age.

We should all hope to look so good at 74, right?

Okay, so maybe she's had a little plastic surgery help over the years, but it's a far cry from the pulled-too-tight or unrecognizable faces of, say, Joan Rivers or Kenny Rogers.

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In this photo, Cannon is seen en route to a Lakers Game (she's long been a huge fan) on Christmas Day, dressed in black, except for her purple and gold team jacket, of course.

Those boots are something else, aren't they? Because who doesn't wear above-the-knee sparkly high heeled boots to a sporting event?

Cannon is the ex-wife of the legendary Cary Grant, who I have no doubt would have aged just as well if he was still alive today. (Though she was 33 years younger than the actor.)

These days Cannon is grandma to daughter Jennifer Grant's son Cary Benjamin (remember her from her stint as Celeste,Steve's girlfriend on the original Beverly Hills 90210?) and we're pretty sure she's the hottest granny in town. is your go to source for hot celebrity photos.

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Posted By Diane (2 years ago)
Dyan Cannon was not married to Rock Hudson. But there is a new book out "At Home" with Rock Hudson":Behind the Walls of His Life, written by Martin F.J. Flaherty which does go into detail more than any book I've read before, on what Rock Hudson was really like. Check it out on Amazon !
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