Early Morning Sex: The Five Best Positions

In Love & Sex by , on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 10:15 AM (PDT)
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Rise and shine.


Reverse Cow Girl To Start Your Day?

There are few things that can really get us up in the morning: coffee laced with jet fuel, or a steamy sexy romp under the covers. Make use of your wee hours and try out these early morning sex moves.

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Our friends over at TheFrisky, self-made masters of the early morning make-out, have come up with a list of the best sex positions to take advantage of before you start your day.

Here are a few to get the juices flowing.

Spooning - Chances are when you wake up in the morning, groggy and still dreaming of cubicles made out of candy, you're hanging on for dear life to your partner. In other words, you're already halfway to magical sex time.

Reverse Cowgirl - It may seem like an advanced maneuver for early in the morning, but Reverse Cowgirl is more of a adventurous stretching exercise than anything else. After all, what better way to limber up for the day than by riding your friendly neighborhood bull?

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Shower Sex - Clean, then copulate. Or the other way around. Either way you're killing two birds with one pumice stone.

To read about other kinky ways to start your engines, and to see other tips and tricks to rev up your sex life, head to TheFrisky.

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