Edible 'Party Python' Gummi Snake Weighs 26 Pounds, Has 36,000 Calories [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Monday, November 12, 2012, 5:46 AM (PST)
26 pound gummi snake


It's Nearly 8 Feet of Sugary Goodness

Here's something that would certainly be a surprise on the Thanksgiving dessert buffet table: a 26-pound gummi snake whose eight feet of gumminess adds up to more than 36,000 calories.

The "Party Python," as it's advertised, is sold by the website and comes in two flavors: blue raspberry and green apple or red cherry and blue raspberry.

The price: $149.99, which works out to a little more than $5 per pound of gumminess, which actually isn't bad. Sure, most people aren't in the habit of buying 26 pounds of gummies all at once, but still, overall, it's not an outrageous amount of money for the amount of gummi you're getting.

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Now, aside from scaring the beejesus out of your elderly aunts at the Turkey Day table, what other possible uses could a 26-pound gummi snake have?

Well, considering that the Party Python is supposed to break out into 306 servings, the bottom line is that whatever event it frequents should include a large number of people in attendance, so, this is definitely a party snack. It's not called "A Couple of Friends Hanging Out on Your Couch Python" or "A Small Dinner Party Python." It's called the Party Python for a reason.

Oh, and in case the snake isn't your preferred method for presenting 26 pounds of gummies to your friends and family, also sells a 26-pound gummi bear (yes, he's actually called the "Party Bear").

And you're welcome (with thanks to for pointing out the existence of the Party Python).

The Party Python even has his own songs, as you can experience in the video below:



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