Elizabeth Hurley, Arun Nayar Have No Prenup

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 8:10 AM (PST)
elizabeth hurley
Elizabeth Hurley, Arun Nayar:


Hurley's fortune at serious risk.

Elizabeth Hurley is learning the hard way: it's tricky to be a gold-digger and a cheater too. Unbelievably, it turns out Hurley never executed a prenuptial agreement with her husband, Arun Nayar, an Indian textiles heir -- here's what's at risk in the impending divorce between Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar.

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Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar were married in 2007 at a luxe Indian palace. While Hurley was the more famous of the pair, Arun may actually be the one with more cash: he comes from a long, lucrative line of Indian textile makers and has run his own software company since 1998.

It's not clear how much Arun's fortune is worth, but we're hearing that Elizabeth's stands between $20 million and $30 million. The pair live together -- well, lived together -- on a 400-acre organic farm together in the legendary village of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England, and Elizabeth also co-owns a townhouse in London's Chelsea neighborhood with her ex-beau, Hugh Grant.

However, it's said that Arun Nayar has no assets in the United Kingdom, and a divorce attorney in London has stated that it's likely he'll get half of Elizabeth's money in the split -- especially since she was the one caught cheating. Why didn't she just insist on a prenup? A source close to the couple has said, "A prenup would have been a deal-breaker for Arun. He has his pride."

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Meanwhile Elizabeth Hurley's boyfriend, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, took to his website after photos of their trysts went public over the weekend. Warne insists that he and his wife, Simone Callahan, have been apart for some time, as he wrote:

"Sadly and unfortunately, Simone and I split up a while ago, our close friends and family were informed at that time. It is a private matter so we did not make it public. We remain friends and will continue to be good parents."

As for Elizabeth, because she mothered her eight-year-old son Damian independently from Arun before the couple met, it's not likely there will be any custody least there's something that could go mess-free in Elizabeth Hurley's personal life.



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