Elton John Turns Down $33M to Replace Simon Cowell

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Friday, May 14, 2010, 4:13 AM (PDT)
elton john


No Idol love?

We think Elton John would be an absolutely fabulous Simon Cowell replacement. But it sounds like Elton doesn't have any love for American Idol. And he must not need the money either. Because he turned down the position and $33 million!

This is a decision that should be made soon, right? After all, there are only a couple weeks left of the current season of American Idol and then Simon Cowell is saying see you later. Will they be announcing his replacement at the American Idol season finale on May 26 or will we have to wait even longer? Entertainment Weekly is telling us it will take place after the finale.

We're wondering if Elton John was American Idol producers' first choice for a Simon Cowell successor. Or if they've simply been asking around. But word is that producers asked Elton John to take over and offered him $33 million. But either Elton John really, really doesn't want the job. Or he just isn't happy with that pricetag. Whatever the case, Elton said no.

Elton John did mentor on the show way back during season 3, as well as appear on Idol Gives Back. And maybe he's simply decided it's not for him; it is a huge commitment after all.

But we're getting pretty antsy and we want to know what next season is going to look like. Do you wish Elton John had said yes?

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Posted By joe hess (4 years ago)
a bit skinny.......
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