Emmy Rossum Designs a Bag for Elie Tahari

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Tuesday, February 01, 2011, 9:22 AM (PST)
emmy rossum
Courtesy of David Tonnessen/


Lucky girl

As if Emmy Rossum isn't lucky enough that Elie Tahari dresses her for all her big red carpet events. Now Emmy, the star of Showtime's new Shameless, has had the honor of actually designing an Elie Tahari bag of her own. And it sounds like the perfect purse!

Emmy Rossum knows what she wants in a handbag. And Elie Tahari wanted to give that to her. According to, Tahari told Rossum, "You come in and design it like you like." I'm sure he didn't have to ask her twice! Of course, the handbag is called the "Emmy" and it sounds like it's every girl's handbag dream.

Why? Well, it comes in 4 different sizes and in tons of different colors, like black, tan, metallic, white, and more. The bag is a "bucket bag" and is said to have tons of interior pockets, so a girl can keep all her stuff separated. You know how it is.

Of course, Tahari loves the bag too, saying, " think that she created a very beautiful bag. It's very exciting and interesting." OK, so maybe it's a little odd he described the bag as "interesting," but perhaps Tahari just didn't realize a girl needs all those interior pockets... Until now. Depending on the size of the Emmy bag you choose, it will run from $398-$798 and a portion of all proceeds will go to the Safe Horizon charity. You'll be able to get your hands on one of Emmy's purses this March.

emmy rossum
Courtesy of WWD/Tahari


So, are you wondering when the Emmy Rossum clothing line will be launched? I just love the Emmy isn't planning on jumping into anything like that just yet. She says, "One thing at a time... I want to get really great at what I do first, then maybe later I'll branch off. Right now I'll leave it to the people who do it best." Smart girl!

And I have a feeling that will definitely pay off for Emmy in the future. She's such a fabulous actress; why change careers now? But still, I have a feeling I'm going to like that Tahari Emmy bag.

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