'Entertainment Weekly' Mag Comes With a Smartphone-Ish Device That Live Tweets [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Monday, October 08, 2012, 5:39 AM (PDT)
entertainment weekly smartphone device


But Only 1,000 Copies of The Special Devices in the Oct. 5 Issue Were Distributed, So Let the Hunt for One Begin

Yes, it's true: a ridiculously cool ad in the Oct. 5 print issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine -- the one with Tina Fey on the cover -- features an embedded, Android-like smartphone device that plays video clips and displays live tweets.

The bad news: only 1,000 issues that contain the device were distributed, meaning getting your tech-loving mitts on one is going to be tough.

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The device is in the magazine courtesy of The CW, which is using the gadget-y ad to promote its new fall series, via video clips of the shows and a live feed of the network's Twitter account. writers did get their hands on a copy of the magazine and painstakingly deconstructed the ad, revealing a real, full-size 3G smartphone that even has a camera.

"During our teardown, we discovered a smartphone-sized battery, a full QWERTY keyboard hidden under black plastic tape, a T-Mobile 3G card, a camera, speaker and a live USB port that will accept a mini USB cable, which you can then plug into a computer and recharge the phone," Mashable reports.

"Once we extracted the phone from its clear plastic housing (which was sandwiched between two rather thick card-stock pages), we were able to use a screw driver to close the open contacts on the touch pad and access the on-screen Android menu, which has a full complement of apps. It wasn't easy, but we even made a phone call."

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Mashable also reports that the "guts" of the embedded device are likely the equivalent of a real $86 Android smartphone that's for sale on the Interwebs, and though The CW almost certainly didn't pay that much for the devices in EW, this definitely was not a cheap bit of marketing.

As we plot an afternoon of hitting up all our favorite newsstands to try to snag a copy of the EW issue, check out this video of editors breaking down the device in what they've termed their "Entertainment Weekly Digital Ad/Smartphone Print Insert Hackathon":



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