Fans Already Lining Up for 'Eclipse' Premiere

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 6:26 AM (PDT)
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Just wait until R. Patz gets there

We're sitting patiently and waiting for tomorrow night's live streaming of the Eclipse premiere in L.A. But some super fans aren't so patient and are already waiting in line and camping out for the big event. In fact, hundreds of fans are already waiting!

To many people, Twilight is so important, it's worth skipping out on work and leaving your normal obligations for a few days. And it's actually kind of understandable. After all, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and the other stars from the movie will all be at the big Eclipse premiere in L.A. tomorrow night.

And it sounds like camping out might actually offer fans the chance they need to get in to the big event. Supposedly, 9,000 wristbands will be handed out to fans to get access to the Nokia Theater during the premiere. We guess sleeping in a tent for a couple nights and meeting other hardcore Twilight fans might totally be worth it!



According to E! Online's reporters, fans came from as far as Australia to wait in line. One Aussie fan even said she did the same thing for the New Moon premiere, camping out for 4 days! Twihards who had been connecting all year via Facebook planned on meeting up at while camping out and it's being described as a big "slumber party."

Would you camp out for a chance to attend the big Eclipse premiere? Or are you happy just watching the live stream of the red carpet portion of the event?

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Comments (4)
Posted By kbsnwback (4 years ago)
from AUSTRALIA!?! really now? i mean i love jacob/edward but not enough to drop $1000s for a flight here from australia..
Posted By kym cullen (4 years ago)
if i lived in la id so be there,id love it ,we uk fans get nothing like this ,we arec a little negleted here ,even though we are just as dedicated. cant wait for eclipse!!!!
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