Former "Baywatch" Star Jeremy Jackson is Married

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Little Jeremy Jackson Isn't So Little Anymore -- He's a Married Man!

Remember when young Hobie Buchannon used to frolic around the beaches of Malibu while his dad Mitch patrolled the waters on "Baywatch?" Now, Hobie, played by Jeremy Jackson, is all grown up and he just proved it by walking down the aisle.

The 32-year-old Newport Beach, Calif. native married his girlfriend of 10 years, fitness model Loni Wilson, on December 12 on Maui. They had been engaged for 14 months.

Though he's most famous for having grown up on the iconic David Hasselhoff/Pamela Anderson starrer, Jackson also did a stint on Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab" to help wean himself from his steroid use/addiction.

 "I've come a long way in the past few years," the actor, who was once arrested on methamphetamine charges, told The Enquirer. "I'm clean and sober and married to my best friend, Loni. I'm high on life right now. I look forward to growing old with Loni and hope to have several kids."

Let's just hope that the newly married couple don't release a sex tape. Jackson famously "starred" in one that he filmed with pron star Sky Lopez although he later claimed that he was "physically threatened" into handing over the tape to men who claimed to work with Lopez.

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