Free Back-to-School Haircuts at JCPenney

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Retail Giant J.C. Penney Is Helping Parents Ease Back to School

Back to School time can get expensive for parents. New shoes, new clothes/uniforms, school supplies -- it all adds up and can gaugue any family -- especially those with more than a couple of kids.

To help ease the burden a bit (and, no doubt, drum up some great free press like this) J.C. Penney is offering FREE back-to-school haircuts!

That's right, throughout the entire month of August, every JCPenney that has a salon in the store, is offering a free haircut to any child entering kindergarten through sixth grade!

"The back-to-school season presents the perfect opportunity to offer free haircuts for kids and unveil our new Shops, giving customers a first glimpse of what will soon be an entirely new retail experience," said Ron Johnson, chief executive officer of JCPenney. "We know how important it is for kids to make a great first impression and with low prices every day, JCPenney is making it easier for parents to shop without having to wait for a sale."

To find a store near you that has a salon, click here.

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Posted By cheap ray ban sunglasses (1 year ago)
Of course, Gallup's theory has yet to be put to the test. Though I'm guessing your hubby will have no problems helping out. You know, for science.
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