"Friends" Monica and Chandler to Reunite!

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Will Old Friends Get Back Together? Yes -- and, No

Will there be a Monica Geller and Chandler Bing reunion on the small screen. Yes, in a way. And, in another way, not so much.

Here's the scoop: Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the hit "must see" sitcom for 10 years, and who currently stars as Jules on ABC's discarded "Cougar Town" on TBS, is prepping to participate in what some are saying is one of the biggest stunt casting maneuvers in recent history.

Cox, 48, is going to guest star on Matthew Perry's new NBC sitcom, "Go On." On the new series, Perry plays sports radio caster Ryan King -- a man who's recently become a widdower. (Hence the "going on" part.)

What will Cox's storyline be? She'll play, what else?, a new love interest for Ryan King. Will the blind date work out? Doubtful, since at this point, COx has only signed on for the one episode arc.

Will you tune in to watch the old "Friends" spar on a new show?

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