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In Love & Sex by Christina , on Saturday, February 21, 2009, 8:00 AM (PST)
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From YourTango: Morning breath's mysterious appeal, when it comes from someone you love.

Anyone who's been in love, lust or a variation of the sort knows about becoming attached to a scent. Tommy Hilfiger cologne, Old Spice deodorant with a hint of sweat, and Trident gum all come to mind. The funky side of this olfactory attraction is when the reminding scent happens to be an unpleasant one.

Armpits, for example, are not famously sweet smelling. Yet, nestling into a man's nook and inhaling a mix of his natural body odor (with a trace of deodorant) can be comforting, arousing or both. The same goes for morning breath.

One of Nerve's "Date Machine" bloggers recently wrote an insightful ode to morning breath—a lover's morning breath, that is. (Smelling last night's French onion soup on the breath of a random subway commuter doesn't have quite the same charm as the unmasked scent of a mouth you've willingly kissed and slept beside.) He writes about the intimacy and potential hesitation that accompany the morning breath kiss, as it represents a sort of test "to see if your love and attraction can stand up to the physical realities of your partner's most unromanticized form."

Read more about the explorations of morning mouth at!

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