Gender-Bending Model Andrej Pejic To Meet Queen of England

In Celebs by , on Friday, September 30, 2011, 10:30 AM (PDT)
andrej pejic
Andrej Pejic has the face of an angel, and the lips of an ashtray.


Pejic And The Queen: This Palace Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Them

If Andrej Pejic ever worried about making a bad first impression, this may be it. The Australian model, controversial for his androgynous looks and penchant for wearing women's clothing on the runway, is set to meet the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace.

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Pejic has been invited to dine with the English monarch in an event celebrating her upcoming visit to Australia, where Pejic's family moved after the Bosnian War.

The 20 year-old model was first discovered at a swimming pool in Australia, and his angelic good looks have been the talk of the fashion world ever since. This year alone he strutted the runways for John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier, and graced the covers of French and Italian Vogue. Kate Moss even told him he was "beautiful."

So we know what the fashion world thinks of Andrej Pejic (whose name I can't help but think looks like it's spelled backwards). But the question on everyone's lips now is: what will he wear to meet the Queen?

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According to Vogue U.K., the royal palace is surprisingly unconcerned about whatever Pejic plans to wear. "The invitation's recommended dress code is a day dress or a lounge suit - but guests are very welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in."

Since he's clearly "comfortable" in all sorts of different clothing styles -- for both men and women -- it's going to be a difficult decision. Can't wait to see what he goes with ...

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