George Clooney's Girlfriend: The Fun Is Over

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Tuesday, June 08, 2010, 5:47 AM (PDT)
george clooney
Boo hoo!


From Our Friends at Lainey Gossip

Why was Elisabetta Canalis's Twitter account shut down? Did George Clooney have something to do with it? Lainey Gossip's got the newest scoop on Elisabetta and George Clooney, and it looks like now that Canalis has pried herself from her account, she can go back to being arm candy and zipping around on motorcycles.

Lainey Gossip dishes:

"Elisabetta Canalis's Twitter account appears to have been shut down. Oh he finally stepped in, did he? It's too bad, really. Because the Iggy Pop/Jennifer Aniston reference was the best. And I would have loved if she could have kept her balls and continued to make that sh-t happen. Only Ely is trying to work in America now. And there's no working in America right off the get if you piss on the MiniVan Majority's favourite best friend."

If you want pics of Elisabetta and George, as well as the list of all the stuff they've been doing together, Lainey's your girl!

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Posted By Brooke (4 years ago)
Aniston is a complete tyrant and tool. America's favorite best friend is a horrible fraud who used a great guy so she could become the most powerful & popular actress...then she destroys him by engaging in a smear campaign by validating lies and misconceptions about their divorce using the false tabloid allegations. Aniston is no sweetheart. She is a liar and a self-absorbed fake. The narcissist knows how to intimidate people from calling her out or exposing her. She is a press favorite and has most of Hollywood under her control. It is okay for celebs to openly poke fun or even degrade other celebs...but it is so wrong to say anything even remotely negative about Aniston even if it is true!
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