Get Natalie Portman's Comfy-Chic Look

In Shopping by Sarah , on Saturday, October 02, 2010, 2:48 PM (PDT)
natalie portman


Get her look for less

Natalie Portman was spotted in a chic sweater dress at the Black Swan film press conference in Toronto. Now that Fall is approaching, the sweater dress is most definitely a must-have! This comfy fit is sure to flatter all body types. You can get Natalie Portman's look for a budget-friendly price!

Sweater dresses come in different fits. You can go for a more comfy-chic look like Natalie Portman's or a sexy-chic look like this fitted Forever 21 Wide Tie Belt Dress for $32.80. The more fitted dress will accentuate your figure and when you have a smaller frame, sometimes you'll want to do just that.

For the more comfy look, try this Sparkle and Fade Scoopback Sweater Dress for $48. This dress offers a similar relaxed look and even has a scooped back. If it's a little too loose for you, just add a thin belt and that'll ease the bagginess.



Check out our slideshow for a look at all the items you need to get this look.

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Posted By cheap ray ban sunglasses (1 year ago)
Check out our slideshow for all the items you need to get this look.
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