Girl Regrets Her 56 Face Tattoos [DUH] Photos

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, April 13, 2012, 3:28 PM (PDT)
Tattoo regrets?


Girl With the Tattooed Face Regrets Decision

You hear a lot about people who regret getting tattoos.

Whether it's an outdated pop culture reference, the name of a boyfriend or girlfriend that is now an ex, or it just turned out poorly, there are plenty of reasons for tattoo regret.

When you get your face inked, however you better love it, or you're stuck with a constant reminder of your poor decision making.

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It's not like you can wear a long sleeve shirt or pants to cover up your face like you can do to that Tweety Bird tat on your forearm or calf.

Such is the case for Kimberley Vlaeminck, who, for three years, has had to live with the 56 stars that are tattood on her face.

Vlaeminck, from Belgium, initially blamed the tattoo artist, who she falsely claimed gave her a constellation when she just asked for a small star near her eye.

She even threatened to sue the tattoo artist for the cost of removing the tattoos, but later admitted she lied about the story and had asked for the 56 stars.

She later said she made up the story because she was afraid of her father's reaction.

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Now she's paying for it big time, ponying up $18,000 for laser surgery to remove the tattoos.

Takeaway lesson? Think before you get a constellation tattooed on your mug.





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Comments (4)
Posted By Robin (2 years ago)
If she was stupid enough to do it than I dont feel sorry for her in the least. Any women that goes out and puts tatoo's all over her boby is nuts. I dont care where they put them. I think if our bodys were meant to look like crap with all that ink all over them then we would have been born with it. JS
Posted By Scott Smith (2 years ago)
No, the takeaway lesson is this: Someone who would rather falsely accuse and attempt to sue an innocent tattoo artist, simply because she's afraid of telling her father the truth deserves neither mercy nor pity. Screw her.
Posted By hnjkhjfgkl (2 years ago)
w-w-w-.-b-u-y-g-r-e-a-t-s-h-o-e-s-.-o-r-g n i k e $38 shows everyone how to become rich.
Posted By LORI-ANNE (2 years ago)
WOW !!! All I have to say is WHY, Why would you go that far to put tats on your face like that?? I feel so bad ," But it is what it is and it's not PRETTY at all . If you ask me its very very scary. Just think if someone wants to see or have STARS ON THEIR FACES NEXT TIME USE A PEN.
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