'Glee' Star Reveals History of Drugs

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cory monteith
Cory Monteith:


Clean-Cut Cory Monteith Saw Darker Days

Cory Monteith is one of the most straight-edged stars of Glee, but in a new interview with Parade, the 29-year-old actor has revealed how desperate and dark life was during adolescence. Having tried "anything and everything" when it came to drugs, here's how Monteith quietly copes today.

Cory Monteith is currently touring the U.K. with his Glee co-stars has also signed a solo record deal with Columbia Records. Clearly at the top of his game thanks to Glee fame, Monteith -- who plays clean-cut Finn Hudson on FOX's musical comedy -- suddenly shares a stunning revelation about the rock bottom that few of his fans know about.

Monteith has given an interview to Parade Magazine in which he's publicly addressing his scary past of drug abuse for the first time ever. Raised by his mother in Canada while his father lived far away the actor has reflected on the "spirit of rebellion" that led to his quitting school in the ninth grade. "[School] wasn't for me," he said in a 2009 interview. "I can remember ever since about the sixth or seventh grade, I just didn't understand why I had to learn what I was learning."

Monteith now reveals that at age 13, he'd grown so dependent on substances that he would skip school to smoke pot and get drunk...and that's not all. The actor admits where drugs were concerned, he tried "anything and everything -- as much as possible." It was when he was busted stealing money from a relative that his family demanded he enter rehab, and today, the actor says, that's what made him change his tune.

"At that point the family came together and basically said 'If you don't get yourself under control, we are going to go to the police and press charges,'" Parade editor Maggie Murphy says. "This became a serious wake up call."

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Today the superstar says he's "lucky to be alive," and he stays away from the entertainment industry's temptations with some smarts and discipline. "I don't really do the Hollywood party thing," he says. "I'll go out, but I leave early, before the shenanigans."

On that note, Monteith says, his success with Glee continues to blow him away. "How does that even happen?" he laughs. "If I could have looked onto this moment, I don't think I could have fathomed it. I think my head would have exploded -- literally exploded."

Can you imagine cutie Cory Monteith living so down-and-out? Hit the blue links for more Monteith mentions.

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