Grandma To Try Out For Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Thursday, March 01, 2012, 4:31 AM (PST)
grandma cheerleader
Sharon Simmons


55-Year-Old Sharon Simmons Wanted to Try Out in Her Twenties, But Had a Daughter; Now She'll Try Out as a Grandmother of Two

Sure, it's probably not the image most of us have of someone grandmotherly, but take a look at the photo of 55-year-old grandma, and fitness competition winner, Sharon Simmons … does she look more like a grandma or the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader she aspires to be?

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Simmons says she's working with a former Cowboys cheerleader to prepare for the auditions in May, when she hopes to become a member of the squad.

"I thought, 'That’s something I never tried.' I always wanted to try out. I got real close in my early 20s, but got busy raising my daughter," Simmons told a Dallas TV station, via Larry Brown Sports. "And I thought, 'why not now?'"

Simmons' website features a rundown of the many fitness competitions she's competed in (and placed in), along with photos that, again, would not fit most football fans' notions of someone grandmotherly.

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"On stage, I blend right in with women in their 20s, 30s and up," Simmons says.

As Larry Brown Sports notes, Simmons could become the second grandma cheerleader in the NFL; a 37-year-old grandma named Susie Sanchez won a spot on the Raiders' squad last year.

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