How To Have A Dry Orgasm - Multiple Orgasms for Men

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Ever Had A 'Retrograde Ejaculation'? You Don't Want To

With all the hoopla and and hysteria surrounding the oft-elusive female orgasm, the male orgasm is pretty much taken for granted. After all, it's not that hard to make it happen, or to see proof when it does. But what if we told you: orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing.

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The good folks over at have officially blown our minds, and it's all because we thought we knew what it meant to blow your wad.

Oh how wrong we were. Apparently there exists a sexual condition called dry orgasm, which allows a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating. The non-explosion can stem from a number of factors, including self-workouts similar to female Kegel exercises, but it still results in the same release of pleasure.

Just without the spermy mess.

A dry orgasm, writes Kate Hakala, "can mean multiple orgasms for men. After a man ejaculates, there is a refractory period -- a recovery stage of the sexual response cycle -- in which he cannot ejaculate again and most likely will want a snooze. He may be able to get an erection, but there is a bit of a waiting period that's different for all men, sometimes minutes and sometimes a day, before he can actually produce semen again."

But if you're not using up semen ...

"While ejaculation causes the need for a refractory period, orgasm does not," Hakala says. Hurrah! Multiple orgasms for everyone!

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However, before you start pumping iron with your penis, know that a dry orgasm can have its setbacks. Like "retrograde ejaculation."

This occurs when "semen flows backwards into the bladder through the urethra instead of coming out the normal spout," explains Hakala. It also might be a side effect of diabetes or multiple sclerosis, so go see a doctor if your urine is cloudy.

To read more about the fascinating world of dry orgasms, head over to The Frisky.

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Comments (3)
Posted By Jim (1 year ago)
Dry orgasms are real. I learned from reading a fully illustrated book called Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson.
Posted By Harry (1 year ago)
How can you be sure if you just had a retrograde ejaculation or not? Piss in a glass and wait for an hour. If there's a white cloud floating in the middle of your pee, you can be sure you had one. With retrograde ejaculations, you lose your hard on because you ejaculated. With dry orgasms (male multiple orgasms) this doesn't happen (when you get it right). How can you learn to have dry orgasms? Why bother? The male orgasm has two parts: 1.The pleasurable part with all the pleasurable feelings, and 2. The emissions part (barely noticeable) when the sperm is released. When we have dry orgasms, we experience all of the pleasure of orgasms with none of the loss - loss of energy. Dry orgasm feel the same - you still spasm and orgasm, but the contractions don't pump out anything. Why bother? We get limp and fall asleep after losing life-giving sperm. We gain energy and are naturally multi-orgasmic when we learn to have dry orgasms. Want to become multi-orgasmic? Dry orgasms have given me so much pleasure, joy and understanding that I've bought 85 copies of Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson and given them away to people I love. I'd probably give you a copy too if you asked me. You can buy a copy, $5 ebook / $10 paper book, from amazon
Posted By ginger (1 year ago)
Fun to have multi-orgasm: flip the non-erected small penis inward into the body and use a magic wand to keep it from dropping out. Turn the wand on and see if you can enjoy multi-dry orgasms. All the semens have been blocked and went into bladder.
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