How To Have Perfect, White, Healthy Teeth For Life

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Ten Easy Steps For A Smile That Lights Up The Room - And Always Will

Want gorgeous pearly whites for life? It's easier than you think.

In fact, in a new story for the Daily Mail, a set of dental experts breaks it down into 10 stress-free steps.

1) Don't believe the hype when it comes to fancy toothpastes. Pastes that claim to whiten teeth may be too abrasive for everyday use and those that claim to build enamel probably aren't powerful enough to really make a difference. Stick to the simpler versions.

2) Clean your tongue. Yes, the tongue self-cleans to an extent, but using a tongue-scraper will ensure better removal of bacteria that could otherwise store in the mouth and between teeth.

3) Rinse with fluoride, not alcohol. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol have been linked to cancer. Instead, look for an alcohol-free brand that contains fluoride, the critical ingredient in maintaining a clean mouth.

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4) Brush enough. Brushing a full two minutes removes 25 percent more plaque than brushing for under a minute, which is, unfortunately, the norm.

5) Brush the right way. Start at the back of the upper teeth, moving forward in a rotating motion, making sure to also brush along the gum line. Repeat on the bottom. Don't rinse. Teeth with toothpaste still on them are more resistant to decay.

6) Invest in electric. Buying an electric toothbrush is worth it. "Its much more effective than manual brushing," says one top dentist.

7) Floss. If you don't floss, you are leaving 40 per cent of the tooth surface untouched. "I recommend a waxed tape rather than floss as it has a wider surface area," says another expert.

8) Chill, relax. Stress often leads us to grind our teeth at night, resulting in chipped teeth, receding gums and nasty headaches.

9) Go easy on the red wine, coffee and cigarettes. All three can lead to staining over time.

10) If you need braces, get them! It's not just about a pretty smile, it's about a healthy mouth. When you have straight teeth, they're easier to care for. With crooked teeth, it's harder to get into the crevices and get each tooth truly clean.

Seems simple enough to us. Everything but laying off the red wine and coffee part, that is. In cases like that, it pains us to be beautiful!


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Comments (2)
Posted By Stouffville Dental (1 year ago)
I have read many tips for healthy, white and perfect teeth. This is really the best oral care blog.
Posted By Stouffville Dental (1 year ago)
I read many tips for healthy, white and perfect teeth. This is really the best oral care blog.
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