How to Carve Your Halloween Pumpkin -- With a Gun [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Monday, October 22, 2012, 8:10 PM (PDT)
pumpkin carving with a gun


And You Were Going to Use a Knife!

Meet Hickok45, whose motto seems to be, have gun, will use it to carve a pumpkin. That's what he's doing in a new video, where the gun-totin' Halloween fan puts a happy face on his jack-o-lantern using his gun.

Straight up: it's both very cool and very frightening, but for now, we'll go with cool, as Hickok shows his impressive aim in using his Colt 1911 gun to shot a smiley face onto his pumpkin.

And this isn't Hickok's first time at the Halloween rodeo; this year's carving is "Pumpkin Carving IV," meaning you can also check out Pumpkin Carvings I-III, in which he used an Arsenal SGL 21 and some Glocks to blast his holiday fruit.

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Hickok45, who hosts hundreds of shooting videos on his YouTube channel, shares that he's teaching his pumpkin shooting class from Tennessee, and those clips have proven to be quite popular on the Interwebs: his videos have more than 93 million views.

Watch the video below, and, though we hope we don't really have to say it, please don't try this home, unless you're at Hickok45's home and he's personally instructing you in the ways of gunnery and jack-o-lantern-ing.

PS -- Don't miss the end of the video, where Hickok45 turns the pumpkin around to reveal a little surprise. Okay, now watch the video below:



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