Howard Stern Demands A Lot From 'America's Got Talent' [POLL]

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 5:54 AM (PST)
howard stern


Is Howard Stern Worth His Price?

We recently reported that Howard Stern is negotiating to fill Piers Morgan's shoes on America's Got Talent; now comes word that the talks have now reached another level, and Stern's demands have become, well, very Howard-like.

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As he vies for the judging seat of Piers Morgan (who announced he was quitting earlier this month), Stern seeks a fee of $20 million, and that the show be moved from its home in L.A, to his home city of New York so that he can continue his crazy popular Sirius/XM gig.

A series source told the New York Post newspaper: "Cowell really wants Stern on the judging panel. The talk on the production is that it's practically a done deal. But Stern is asking for a huge fee, and he can't travel because of his radio show. He wants the show to move to New York."

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But of course, this isn't Howard Stern's Got Talent, since there are two other judges on the show, both of whom have strong ties to L.A. It would be a major inconvenience for both Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel should they have to commute to the East Coast every week. (But really, when you compare those two stars' popularity with the rabid infatuation most Stern fans posess, the move could be well worth the hassle.)

Another source added: "Moving it to New York would mean over 100 people losing their jobs if they don't move with the show . Another idea could be for the show to stay in LA and Howard to be a part-time judge." Or how about our suggestion: that Stern doesn't become a judge at all?

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What do you think of the news? Do you want to see Howard Stern host the show and, if so, should his demands be met at the risk of crew members losing their jobs? Take our poll and let us know.


Take Our Poll

Do you want Howard Stern to be an 'America's Got Talent' judge?

  1. He's the 'King of All Media.' Of course he should be a judge, and we shall all bow down to his demands.
  2. No. He's offensive and wildly overrated. They can probably find someone better, who lives in L.A.
  3. I've stopped watching 'America's Got Talent' now that 'The X-Factor' has landed.


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Posted By nickp (2 years ago)
could you imagine Stern on Network TV
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