If You Only Ever Watch One More Internet Video, Let "Love Later Life" Be It

In Life by LimeLife , on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 5:55 PM (PDT)
roger mcgough


It's All About Grace and Gratitude

"Love Later Life" is a series of beautifully crafted British Public Service Announcements, masterfully narrated by acting gem Christopher Lee, that touch the viewer on a surprisingly visceral level. Why? Because we're all human. And, with any luck, we'll all get to grow old.

In America especially, we are so all-consumed with youth and doing everything we can to stave off any signs of aging that these are almost hard to watch. We feel squirelly. Guilty.  Even a little ashamed.

Comprised of 6 videos, the series, based on a poem by British beat poet Roger McGough written specifically for the project, features different men and women and their varying points of view on the tasks and concepts before them.

From Alan who tells us what makes him happy to Dorothy on how she remains cheery, each strikes a profound chord and, no doubt, provides fodder for all of us, young(ish) or old(er) as we lie in bed at night and ponder our pasts, presents and future.

We proudly present all six videos below for you to watch. Perhaps again and again.

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Posted By Andrew (160 days ago)
Ageing is a disease that kills 100,000 people every single day. It should be combatted, not celebrated.
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