Is Ashlee Simpson Drinking 8-10 Bottles of Wine Each Week?

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, June 24, 2011, 9:19 AM (PDT)
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Ashlee's Bad Habit?

Could you have a week of drinking four big glasses of wine every night, maybe a little more? Perhaps if you were dealing with a stressful divorce, you could. Ashlee Simpson's split from Pete Wentz was a blip with little drama at the time, but she could be compensating at home ... with bottles -- lots of bottles -- of wine.

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Jessica Simpson is expressing concern over her little sister. And Ashlee's being called out for her rumored recreational behavior.

"Ashlee is downing eight to 10 bottled of wine a week," one source told Star about the sisters (via Celebitchy). "Jessica is on a mission to save Ashlee from self-destructing, and she told her to funnel her angst into songwriting."



Here's the best part, though ... in order to get Ashlee back on track, Jessica decided to enlist her athlete fiancé to help Ashlee reclaim her mojo. If that's true, then Eric Johnson's probably helping Ashlee knock back a bottle at night -- to help his creative process. Nothing in the "fiancé" description mentions writing love songs with your future sister-in-law. That guy deserves a medal.

"Jessica has also been writing with her sister, but refuses to take any professional songwriting credit," the insider added to Star. "The biggest reward for Jess will be seeing her baby sister bounce back."

Do you think Jessica Simpson has reason to be worried about her sister if she's going through 8-10 bottles of wine weekly?

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