Is Love at First Sight in Your Genes?

In Love & Sex by , on Wednesday, May 06, 2009, 2:00 PM (PDT)
Love birds.


Love is in your jeans too.

If you've ever looked at someone and known, right away, that they were going to be the love of your life, you may believe that "love at first sight" is a spiritual experience. But according to a new study, it may just be in your genes.

In the experiment, scientists began to make interesting observations when they mated fruit flies of different strains. When females of a certain strain were mated with males of a different strain, the flies seemed able to tell that it was a good genetic match.

In other words, they seemed to know that mating with flies unlike them produced better genes in the long run. This "knowing" is in the makeup of their genes, so when a little fly dude comes along with the right genetic combination, the female is already primed to like him.

Though humans are a tad different than fruit flies, our bodies share the same impulse to prevent inbreeding. That means we're more likely to respond physically in ways that increase the chance of healthy offspring.

So the next time you're digging on a dude because of his prominent cheekbones and impeccable posture, you're body may just be agreeing with you.

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