Is Matt Lauer Leaving the 'Today Show'?

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Thursday, April 07, 2011, 6:20 AM (PDT)
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Yesterday we reported that it's likely Meredith Vieira will be saying goodbye to the Today Show when her contract expires in September. And now we're learning that Matt Lauer could be hanging up his hat, too. Are we looking at a whole Today Show staff restructure?

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As if Meredith Vieira leaving the Today Show wouldn't be bad enough. What will we do it Matt Lauer follows her out the door? These two basically run the morning show and it definitely won't be the same with both of them gone.

Luckily for us, Matt Lauer's contract runs a little bit longer than Meredith's. While Meredith's contract ends this September, Matt's runs through December 2012. But according to Entertainment Tonight, at this point, he'll be saying farewell. They're speculating he could be joining Katie Couric and former Today Show producer Jeff Zucker on their own project.

The Today Show has released a statement, not exactly denying anything, but kind of assuring us Matt won't be leaving at least until his contract runs out. They say, "There seems to be an awful lot of speculation around news anchors these days, and it's not our practice to comment on any of it. Matt Lauer has a long term contract with NBC News and Today."

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Would you be sad to see Matt Lauer leave the morning show? Or is some restructuring exactly what the show needs? Perhaps Kathie Lee and Hoda could move their hour up!

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Comments (2)
Posted By bobbyspriggsjr (3 years ago)
They are always going on assignments. That would run anybody off. Why I am on the suject, there is too much cooking and fashion on the show. People want the news and more new story's. Tell the writers to get more news in quite all that fashion design crap and new ways to cook food. It's a bore!!!, What Robin Meade and see where see gets all her story's. If you loose V. and M. The show is going to take a nose dive. Quite putting them on assignments and let them do the show. Another think that might be a real interesting story is foster care in America and how family's are being broke up by social workers who act like Nazi SS Germany.
Posted By Cathy (3 years ago)
Ann Curry should've replaced Katie to begin with. Meredith is great at what she does, but Ann deserved the promotion five years ago. In typical upper management fashion, they didn't promote the person who was most deserving (business as usual - be it corporate America or Network News.) Signed, an experienced 'peon' :)
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