Is Reggie Bush Engaged to Mayra Veronica?

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, December 01, 2010, 7:19 AM (PST)
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Kim Kardashian isn't happy

Well, that was quick. If you're watching the current season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you're still seeing Reggie Bush pine for Kim Kardashian. But in real (current) life, he actually just got engaged to Mayra Veronica. And it sounds like Kim is pretty upset.

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It's tough to watch an ex-boyfriend get engaged. Even if you're perfectly happy in your life and know you weren't meant to be with him. So, I can't even imagine how Kim Kardashian is feeling right now. She dated Reggie for 3 years and he never popped the question to her. But after dating Mayra Veronica for about 6 months, rumor has it the couple is already engaged.

Mayra Veronica has been spotted wearing a huge ring that some are saying is an engagement ring. Others are calling it a "friendship ring." Ha! I wish my friends would give me rings like that.

Sports gossiper Terez Owens says, "Mayra is telling people her and Reggie are engaged...Reggie's camp has not confirmed the news, but Mayra has been blabbing to everyone who will listen that she and Reggie have plans to wed next summer."



But Reggie Bush did update his Twitter stream to say, "Me engaged? C'Mon Son!!!!! Even Rocky was like C'Mon Son!!!!" Rocky is Bush's dog. But as you can see, Reggie isn't totally denying things here. Perhaps he and Mayra are trying to keep things on the DL.

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But poor Kim Kardashian isn't happy with the news. According to a source to the Chicago Sun-Times, "Kim is one of those people who can't stand someone having something she wanted - even after she no longer wants it. It's weird, but she's obsessive that way. Go figure." Wait, aren't all girls like that? Kim K., you are not alone, girl!

At least Kim seems to be moving on just fine with hottie Gabriel Aubry. Will things continue going well for them? Or is Kim still pining over Reggie?

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