Is Teresa Giudice's Nephew Joe Giudice's Love Child?

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teresa giudice


Why Teresa Giudice lost it on RHONJ reunion...

Monday night's reunion between the The Real Housewives of New Jersey saw Teresa Giudice go bananas when Danielle Staub mentioned her nephew. Here's what appears to be behind Teresa's outburst: is her nephew her husband's secret child?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- the women, not the show -- hold a particular characteristic that's rather unique to other Housewives casts: they're constantly sticking their noses in each other's intimate personal lives and family affairs...when they're actually speaking to one another.

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Host Andy Cohen made it clear Monday night that for the Atlantic City reunion, it was the first time in a year that all the New Jersey Housewives had been under the same roof. Danielle Staub got a thrill out of manipulating the other Housewives into rages, and "New York Daily News" is noting that the biggest rant exploded when Teresa Giudice slammed Danielle Staub for not congratulating Jacqueline Laurita on the birth of her baby.

Danielle responded, "Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?"

Teresa Giudice went ball-istic, screaming at Danielle Staub, "Do not break up my family you f---ing b---h!" (Some viewers suggest Giudice said "bring up," not "break up.") Andy Cohen moved between Giudice and Staub...and here's why sources are saying Teresa's so defensive about her nephew.

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Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe, who recently filed for bankruptcy and was busted for DUI, is being speculated to have fathered a child to his sister-in-law -- making Teresa's nephew her husband's love child.

Another theory is suggesting that, according to our pals at Babble via the "Houston Chronicle": "Joe's family has some sort of criminal element and one of his less desirable family members had a baby to whom they'd rather not claim relation."

We're watching for more developments on what sprouts from this Teresa Giudice's nephew bomb. Meanwhile hit the blue links for more Housewives and flip through our RHONJ slideshow!

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Comments (4)
Posted By Alex (4 years ago)
OR while it may not be as fun to gossip about, what if it just freaked her out that "OMG how would she KNOW that? She must be keeping tabs on our families!". Which EWW would freak me out because Danielle is psychotic.! If you watch Teresa's face --she answers that of course she did and then you can see the realization hit that Danielle must be watchng her family. (Who by the way, did NOT sign up for this)
Posted By meet love (3 years ago)
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Posted By thetruth (3 years ago)
OK....put on your seat husband just read that Teresa's BROTHER had an affair with a black woman and had an illegitimate child with her...and THAT'S the nephew she didn't acknowledge.
Posted By Juanita (3 years ago)
I've been searhing on the net and I can't find that story anywhere unless it's about Melissa Gorga. Teresa Giudice's sister-in-law. She looks like she has some black ancestry in the family line. Melissa's childrens look mixed to me.
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