Is Your Perfume Killing Your Sex Drive?

In Love & Sex by , on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 5:00 AM (PDT)


Think Twice Before Spritzing Prior to Hitting the Sheets

Bad news, ladies. Turns out that the perfumes, potions and assorted products we use to look and feel more feminine could be doing us more harm than good. New reports suggest that many of the scented products we spritz on our necks and wrists - as well as our lady parts - can promote allergies, migraines and even lower our sex drives!

Right now, aroughly 1 in every 20 people manifest adverse reactions to scented products like perfumes, body lotions and feminine cleansing products, according to a report cited in the Daily Mail. But most might not even be aware of the so-called "scent allergy."

"You don't always react immediately," explains researcher Dr. Susannah Baron, consultant dermatologist at Kent & Canterbury hospital as well BMI Chaucer Hospital.

"The body notes that it does not like the chemical and develops ‘memory cells,' which cause inflammation when the body is next exposed to this chemical. Gradually, as you are exposed more and more, the body ramps up its reaction, until it becomes more noticeable to you." Adverse reactions eventually include everything from killer headaches, eczema and a reduced libido.

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Even scented toilet paper can eventually cause problems, Baron says.
Her solution? Cut back on scented products whenever possible. In this day and age going "au natural" may not be the norm, but it worked just fine for hundreds of years. And it may save you a trip to the doctor's office -- and marriage counseling -- in the end.


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