Jack Nicholson's House Burns To The Ground [VIDEO]

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Monday, September 12, 2011, 7:09 AM (PDT)
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Nicholson's Crib Branded A Total Loss

Over the weekend, Jack Nicholson's Hollywood Hills house burned to the ground, and two firefighters were injured while trying to tackle the blaze.

Nicholson bought the house, a pretty modest crib by Hollywood megastar standards,  in 1973 for $49,000, and has always rented it out to friends. The current residents are William O'Farrell and William Tynan -- an actor who starred in The Two Jakes with Nicholson.

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The blaze broke out on Friday night and firefighters fought to contain it. According to Matt Spence, of the Los Angeles Fire Department, two suffered heat exhaustion in the effort and were taken to hospital.

Spence added, "The fire burned through the house and the building was considered a total loss. It's a single-story family residence, with approximately 2,000 square feet of space inside before the fire. With 85 firefighters on the scene, the blaze was under control in one hour and 32 minutes."

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No cause of the fire has yet been determined, but it was originally reported as a brush fire, which quickly caused the home to be fully engulfed in flames. The Sun says that the property is hard to reach by road and proved to be difficult to tackle.

As you can see from our below video of the aftermath, the scene is pretty grim. It's not known who, or if anyone, was at the residence when the fire broke but, by all accounts, the incident could have been a lot worse had anyone remained inside.



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