Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks Out on Father Tony's Death

In Celebs by KGaz , on Friday, October 01, 2010, 9:41 AM (PDT)
jamie lee curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis:


Jamie Lee Curtis says her conflicts with Tony Curtis made them strong.

Actor Tony Curtis passed away this week in Las Vegas at the age of 85, and apart from Curtis' filmography, he's also best known for being the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Today Jamie Lee shares that while she and her father shared a conflicted past, in recent years they made amends and she aspires to his contributions.

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Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in the Bronx in 1925 to Hungarian-Jewish parents. Curtis went on to pursue a Hollywood career and left his upbringing behind, but daughter Jamie Lee Curtis feels that how Tony established himself among the entertainment industry was an inspiration for young Jewish people who were searching for integration and identity -- Jamie Lee, 51, told

"The older he got, the more he attached to the accoutrements of that new life ... And although he looked, smelled, dressed, traveled and ate different than his old friends, they knew that somewhere under his glow and fancy cars lurked Bernie Schwartz -- and they loved him for it."

On a more personal note, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledges that while she and her father spent many years estranged, their mutual forgiveness shaped her latter years:

"His personal failings and public successes have been well documented, and my relationship with him, although nonexistent for much of my life, in the end was good and based on mutual respect rather than any father and daughter model."

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Jamie Lee Curtis continues, saying that she's gotten loads of support from the public since father Tony Curtis died Wednesday: "His representation that dreams could come true moved me today more than any personal loss," she says.

Our best goes out to Jamie Lee Curtis and Tony Curtis' loved ones.

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Posted By Cynthia (3 years ago)
My condolences to the Curtis family.
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