Jersey Shore's The Situation Having A Lot Of Sex

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Monday, June 07, 2010, 5:09 AM (PDT)
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Over 100 women!

Who knows what The Situation's life was like before he landed a spot on the Jersey Shore. One thing is for certain-- it hasn't exactly hurt him in the dating realm of his life. Or maybe not so much dating, but bedding. Whatever the case, The Situation sure is getting around!

Honestly, girls? You really want to get into bed with The Situation? Sure, he has abs to die for, but his game? It's way too "smooth" for us. And after you hear this news, we hope you'll stay far, far away from Mike Sorrentino. He's got to have a disease or two! He told Life & Style magazine that he's had sex with more than 100 women since he became known from MTV's Jersey Shore.

And his lines, oh his lines! The Situation tells the magazine, "I happen to be very, very good with the ladies. I'm charismatic, honest and straightforward, and it works every time. Women just happen to love 'the Situation,' and I love them back." Ugh. Yeah, we bet he's "honest and straightforward." Come on, ladies, you have to be smarter than this! Well, we're pretty sure it's not The Situation who has the cocaine problem; he's getting high off the girls.

We're wondering if Snooki is just a little bit jealous over all his antics. Or if she's doing the same thing herself. Oh and by the way, The Situation isn't nercous that MTV will replace him after season 2 of the Jersey Shore. He says, "Replacing The Situation would be like replacing Carrie on Sex and the City... I don't think it could happen; I'm not worried. I would love to see someone replace The Situation and do it as good as I did."

Gross. Stop comparing yourself to Carrie Bradshaw, Mike. What do you think of The Situation's skills with the ladies?

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