Jessica Simpson Nude Pregnant Photo Covered in Grocery Store

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, March 22, 2012, 9:55 AM (PDT)
jessica simpson
Jessica Simpson's nude pregnant magazine photo


Arizona Store Covers Nude Jessica Simpson Photo with Cardboard

The pregnant body is beautiful, right?

Not if you're a very pregnant and naked Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle in an Arizona grocery store.

A Jezebel tipster spied the Simpson magazine in the rack with a piece of cardboard covering it that read "Please do not remove cardboard."

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Looks like that store doesn't think Simpson's nudity is appropriate for their patrons to fix their eyes on.

Is the cover scandalous?

Well, seeing as it's been done before by Demi Moore and Britney Spears, it's really not new territory. Plus, she's covering up anything that could be deemed obscene.

Most times, there are often racier and more revealing magazine covers gracing the racks at stores.

Still, I have seen plenty of stores use the racks' plastic blocker to cover up magazines like Cosmo that have racy headlines, so it's not just photos that get censored.

It's interesting to note that last fall, Wegman's was under fire for covering up an Adele issue of Cosmo, with many speculating that it was her exposed cleavage that had people in an uproar.

Turns out, Wegmans always covers Cosmo magazine (see my note above about their racy headlines -- I shop at Wegmans and always see them blocked).

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A Wegmans rep told Jezebel at the time that the "plastic blinder was there because "customers with children had been complaining about the risque cover lines and revealing photos."

The store has nothing against Adele personally, it's just their practice to cover issues with racy headlines.

In the Jessica Simpson cover case, however, there aren't any headlines that are overly sexy or racy.

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