Jessica Simpson to Star in New Sitcom About Her Life

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 10:51 AM (PST)
jessica simpson


Expect More "Is This Chicken or Fish" Moments From Jessica Simpson's Upcoming Sitcom

She may be pregnant with baby number two and be feuding a little with Weight Watchers, but that hasn't stopped Jessica Simpson from signing on to star in and executive produce a new sitcom based on her life for NBC.

In addition to running a multi-million dollar fashion empire, Simpson, 32, will soon try her hand at (intentional) comedy on this upcoming comedy series.

I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life,” Simpson said (and anyone who ever watched her and Nick Lachey on "Newlyweds" can attest to the fact that it's true).“So between the real life elements and a great team of writers, I think we’ll have people laughing!”

NBC's acting Chairman, Ben Silverman says the peacock network is excited about the project.  “We are thrilled to team up with the multi-talented Jessica Simpson to bring this new sitcom to life on NBC as she is truly a modern-day Lucy with incredible comedic chops. From running a fashion empire to wrangling her public image as a new mom, we see Jessica’s character approach a variety of ‘everyday’ circumstances that will get audiences laughing out loud.”

Eek. Comparing her to a modern-day Lucille Ball is quite daring, we'll have to wait and see whether Simpson really does have what it takes to carry a comedy. Wonder if lil sis, Ashlee (who hasn't worked in a while) will get a part.

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