Jimmy Fallon's Perfect Charlie Sheen Impersonation for 'Clone' Cologne Parody [VIDEO]

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, March 30, 2012, 8:45 AM (PDT)
jimmy fallon
Jimmy Fallon and Charlie Sheen sketch


Fallon and Sheen Team Up for Winning Commercial Parody

Jimmy Fallon channels Charlie Sheen in this new cologne commerical parody called "Clone."

Turns out, Sheen is up for the gig too, appearing as himself -- or is he a clone of the original?

Who can tell?

Fallon turns out a pretty decent Sheen impersonation, after all, and side-by-side Sheens can get a bit confusing, especially for the original Charlie, who can come off as a bit clueless at times.

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Fallon kicks it off by saying, "Well hello there, it's been awhile ... miss me? Well guess what? I never left. I've always been right here."

The real Sheen enters, saying, "That's right, I've been cloned." He adds, "My awesomeness is now ... everywhere. Just when you think I've left for good, I show up again, better than ever."

After Sheen's public meltdown last year, he's climbing back to the top of his game (not sure he's there just yet), but it's nice to see him make a joke at his expense.

Of course, not to worry, Sheen also gets a plug in on his new show Anger Management, premiering on June 28.

And, good news! Sheen seems to have retired ‘Duh' and ‘Winning' from his vocabulary, hushing Fallon when he utters the words.

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Sheen says, "We don't do that anymore ... That was last year."

Fallon's Sheen is quick to note that he's a clone of last year's Charlie, however, so that's why the crazy catchphrases still exist in his universe.

The dueling Sheens pretty much blew my mind -- could you imagine two Charlie Sheens on this planet?



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