Joan Collins Reveals the Scary, Unsafe Way She Used to Lose Weight

In Beauty by LimeLife , on Monday, April 08, 2013, 10:41 AM (PDT)
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Joan Collins Isn't a Naturally Thin Woman

Being an actress may have its perks, but it's not all glitz and glam. Just ask Joan Collins. The British thespian who rose to household name status in the states during her wildly successful run on Aaron Spelling's campy night time soap "Dynasty," has come clean about a little secret -- how she stayed slim despite her body's natural proclivity for packing on the pounds.

Collins, 79, has come clean about a "secret" that, no doubt, many in Hollywood share. As she told Britain's "Daily Mail" newspaper,

"As an actress you are always on a diet when working. I was told to take speed to help get the weight off. At times I was told I wouldn't even get work because I was too fat..." the woman who made Alexis Carrington famous the world over recounts.

"As soon as (casting directors) saw me in the flesh they insisted I go on a diet and exercise every day. It was tomatoes and cottage cheese, lettuce and cottage cheese and cottage cheese and cottage cheese."

But, at times, she'd rely on other methods to shed the weight. And they weren't healthy.

"I was told I needed to lose eight pounds from my nine stone immediately. But I cheated and my doctor put me on a series of little green slimming pills which did work.

"I lost eight pounds in two weeks and two weeks' sleep, because I finally found out those little green pills contained speed."

While it may be disturbing that Collins was able to procure the pills from her doctor, it's more distrubing still that casting directors think that everyone needs to be reed thin in order to work in front of the camera. Wonder if that will ever change.

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