John Legend and Questlove Diss Jennifer Lopez's Fiat Performance At AMAs

In Celebs by , on Monday, November 21, 2011, 1:10 PM (PST)
jennifer lopez
Yeah, right. She drives her own car ...AND It's a FIAT.


Jenny From The Block Sells Out

Jennifer Lopez doesn't just accessorize with tight outfits and jewelry anymore. She does it with cars. The singer's performance at the American Music Awards last night, in which she jumped into a Fiat 500 on center stage, is being called "shameless" by stars like Questlove and John Legend.

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Stars took to Twitter following J Lo's automobile-shilling performance at the AMAs, accusing the former Fly Girl of selling out.

"Yo. i know i just didn't see that damb fiat. i KNOW i didn't just see that friggin FIAT," tweeted drummer Questlove of the Roots.

Singer John Legend responded to Quest, saying, "That had to be the most shameless thing I've ever seen in a performance. I was genuinely shocked."

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Musicians weren't the only ones shocked by Lopez's live car commercial.  The Los Angeles Times called her act "the most cringe-inducing, embarrassing performance of the night," but not because of the singing or dancing. It was the pitiful product placement that put them over the edge as well.

Check out the video of J Lo's performance below and let us know what you think. Did Jenny put on a good show, or was the entire thing a disgraceful ploy to put the Fiat 500 front and center?

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Comments (3)
Posted By YAYA (2 years ago)
I don't get the big deal. Yes, the car things was a lil tacky, but at the end of the day people are talking Considering the AMAs have been horrible for a while now, including last night. J.Lo is the hottest topics. Some people loved it others not so much. I didn't care, but I'm more of a J.Lo acting fan than singing.
Posted By DDETFF (2 years ago)
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