John Mayer Undergoes Successful Throat Surgery

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john mayer
John Mayer's hats will do all the talking now.


Mayer Plans On Travelling The Country, Not Saying Anything

John Mayer's voice is on the road to recovery, and he should be able to return to hitting on women within a month. The Grammy-winning performer underwent throat surgery on Thursday and is now beginning a break from singing and speaking.

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Mayer, 34, says he underwent successful surgery to remove a granuloma (an enlarged nodule) that had caused inflammation just above his vocal chords.

"I am now on complete vocal rest for a month or more," Mayer wrote on his Tumblr blog. "It's been a very long process in waiting to see if time was an alternative to surgery, but even given two weeks' voice rest (along with many other approaches), there was no change for the better."

The singer announced the condition in September before canceling a series of concerts, including a duet with Tony Bennett in Los Angeles. The voice problems also forced Mayer to postpone his upcoming album release.

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So what will the "Your Body Is A Wonderland" singer do while out of commission? Why, travel America and rediscover the lost artist in himself, of course.

"I stay in at night, picking guitar parts off of records and dreaming of playing on the big stage. The only difference between now and when I was 18 is that now i have this beautiful, meaningful record waiting for me when I can sing it," he says.

"Until then, I'm taking off. Going to travel the country, look and listen."

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