John Travolta: Balding Beach Boy

In Celebs by , on Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 11:22 AM (PST)
john travolta


Follicle fail.

John Travolta's hairpiece has disappeared. Officials say the flimsy, dark chunk of fur was reported missing after Travolta was spotted sun-bathing sans rug in Hawaii, revealing a large bald spot on the Grease star's head. Officials urge anyone with information as to the toupee's disappearance to step forward.

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Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, were in Hawaii this week to celebrate the actor's 57th birthday, when snooping photographers snapped the star looking puzzled and very much like an Old Dog.

Not pictured? Travolta's ubiquitous weave, which gives the actor the impression of a full head of hair when he's out doing movie premieres and whatnot.

Photos of Travolta show him relaxing on a hammock while his wife, who just gave birth to a baby boy, Benjamin, three months ago, and daughter Ella play in the surf.

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Normally toupees are not a big deal, but you have to admit its funny catching a celebrity looking one way when they spend so much time trying not to appear that way. Travolta needs to ditch the fake follicles once and for all, and show the world just what his beautiful bald head is capable of.

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