Jon Cryer Previews Rap Album [WATCH]

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jon cryer


He needs a new way to express himself.

Look, Charlie Sheen. Jon Cryer can do crazy too. The 'Two and a Half Men' actor showed up to Comedy Central's Comedy Awards with an exclusive peek at his new career ... as a rap star.

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"Lately I've had some free time," Jon Cryer said to laughter at Sunday night's award show. "Maybe as a reaction to some of the recent events in my life, I've been looking for a way to express myself."

The actor, who has been out of work since his tiger blood-infused co-star Charlie Sheen went off the deep end and took his CBS sitcom down with him, then revealed the surprising new direction his career is headed in.

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With a chorus of "Jon Cryer will f**k you up!" rappers Pharoahe Monch and Buckshot jumped on stage, complete with a bevy of dancing ladies, and rhymed about the actor's, ahem, sexual prowess.

Though he didn't rap anything himself, Cryer managed to look hilariously out of place through the entire thing. Check out the clip yourself in the video below.

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