Jon Gosselin Gets Stoned In Wacky Home Video

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, June 08, 2010, 6:34 AM (PDT)
kate gosselin


Jon Gosselin's worst moment is about to explode.

Wow. Remember Jon Gosselin's trip last year to St. Tropez when he took then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman on a vacation for celeb elbow-rubbing? Well, Jon and Hailey pulled out a video camera at the dumbest moment possible. We've just gotten our eyes on never-before-seen video of Jon and Hailey getting stoned. Jon Gosselin, you might want to work out that lawyer situation you have...

In a nine-minute video that was taken on what appears to be a camera phone, Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman eat Pringles and laugh hysterically about their St. Tropez holiday. We've transcribed some of the video for you (some of it's pretty offensive). The rest you can find at Radar.

Jon Gosselin: There is beautiful Hailey, we are in St. Tropez at the Loco hotel. We are eating quality food because every time we eat, we either get swollen boobs or I sh-t myself.

[Hailey laughs, says the French women think she's hiding two children in her bra.]

Jon Gosselin: This is the manual zoom. The police think she's smuggling drugs in in her bra. So we sit out here on our deck, eat our Pringles and complain about the French.

And oh, and don't ever go to a French hair salon. Especially if you're Jewish. Double especially if you're a New York Jew.

Radar reports, "When Hailey references her curly hair during a salon mishap in St. Tropez, Jon interrupts with: 'It looked like big Jewish pubes.'

'Hailey and Jon were stoned out of their minds in that video,' the source revealed. 'Jon would drink every night. He'd go out and Hailey would stay in and order room service. She hated France. She wasn't used to all of the paparazzi and she wanted nothing to do with it.

'At one point on the tape, Jon sticks a cigarette up his nose, starts massaging his belly and tells Hailey, "This is how the French smoke. They smoke so much they put cigarettes in every orifice of their body.'"

Who do you think sold this vid? Yeah us too -- looks like it was Hailey. Hey Jon Gosselin, maybe don't burn bridges with your exes so badly? And TLC and Kate Gosselin: yeah. Smart move.



Meanwhile check out the proof of why Jon Gosselin actually staged the break-in to his own home last year, along with ex-wife Kate dishing on how she learned of his custody battle the way we all did: online.

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