Justin Theroux Will Never Marry Jennifer Aniston

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Friday, August 19, 2011, 8:29 AM (PDT)
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Unlucky-In-Love Aniston Picks Another Dud

Opposites may attract but not in the case of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.  While the pair appear to be singing a merry love song to the cameras -- flaunting various displays of public affection -- their relationship isn’t all that it seems.

According to InTouch magazine, a source reveals that “Justin will never marry her,” claiming “Jen is the complete opposite of Justin. She's all about Malibu and shopping and trying to stay young, while Justin is about being an artist.” Theroux once even turned down an opportunity to star in Friends, claiming he would rather hang himself (than make $1mil per episode??).

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What’s more, it seems that when Theroux met Aniston, he was very much in love and fully involved with his former girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. Displaying some douche-baggy behavior, Theroux “totally lied to Heidi and broke her heart,” said Craig Wedren, Wanderlust composer and friend of the pair, claiming that when Theroux met and fell in love with Aniston, he was still very much taken.

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Rumors of a possible marriage between the two continue to plaster magazine pages and, on all accounts, Theroux is the man that Aniston wants to grow old with. And while Aniston is renowned for wearing her heart on her sleeve, sources say she should be a little wary. After all, opposites may attract but they can also fizzle quick once the excitement is gone -- and reality sets in.

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Comments (4)
Posted By fsgfdsh (3 years ago)
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Posted By guest (3 years ago)
Sure opposites attract, but they also blend. And everything fizzles. Look at Brad. He can't get out. The only thing that is holding him are his natural kids.
Posted By Lisa (3 years ago)
As far as the ex-girlfriend, if he was committed to her for life, he would have married her a long time ago. She should have known he was still looking for Ms. Right to come along. If Justin has finally found "the one," be happy for him...don't criticize because he got out of the relationship they both knew he was never fully committed too.
Posted By Meggan Lennon (3 years ago)
PLEASE NOTE THIS STORY HAS BEEN RETRACTED: On 18 August 2011 BANG Showbiz published an article entitled 'Justin Theroux's pals think he won't marry Aniston' which claimed Craig Wedren had given quotes suggesting his friend Justin Theroux would never marry his new girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. Having been contacted by a representative for Mr Wedren we accept that Mr Wedren did not make these statements in the manner described and retract the claims made in the original article. We apologize to Mr Wedren for publishing the article and are happy to set the record straight.
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