Kate Middleton's Style Compared to Michelle Obama

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Friday, December 17, 2010, 4:51 AM (PST)
kate middleton
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She's got fabulous style

We've been super obsessed with Kate Middleton's style ever since we realized she was hooking up with Prince William. And now we're realizing one of the reasons we like it so much: It's a whole lot like Michelle Obama's. Could Kate Middleton be changing royal fashion forever?

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If there's anybody we trust when it comes to fashion, it's Michael Kors. And when he started comparing Kate Middleton to Michelle Obama, I couldn't stop nodding my head. Yes, yes! Both are stepping outside of the box and getting super stylish while still staying classy. I'm seriously hoping they lead the path for presidential and royal fashion in the future.

Michael Kors tells Vogue magazine, "When Barack Obama first became well known and everyone started looking at Mrs Obama I thought to myself ‘This is a very different, modern-looking couple,'... When I look at Kate I see a changing of the guard in what is considered elegant. She is likes to look easy but chic. I would liken her to Obama and Carla Bruni in that way. All these women are in situations where they shaking off the formal suits of their predecessors."



So long stuffy suits, hello classy fashionable dresses! Just because these women are married (or getting married) to some incredibly powerful men, doesn't mean they should be dressing like wallflowers. Instead of young girls looking up to celebrities and pop stars, maybe girls will start looking up to these very important women. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Do you see where Michael Kors is getting his Kate Middleton-Michelle Obama comparison from?

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Comments (3)
Posted By Susan (3 years ago)
You've got to be kidding!!!! Comparing Kate Middleton to Michelle Obama. Not even remotely. Kate is young, thin, and stylish, and Michelle is not. Enough said.
Posted By Tammy Overcash (3 years ago)
What an insult!
Posted By Anne Gervais (3 years ago)
MIchelle Obama is beautiful and stylish. I was glad to see the comparison between Michelle and Kate, although I don't think they dress exactly alike. There is a slight resemblance in their styles. Easy, flowing dresses with fitted waists. No doubt, we'll probably never see Michelle wear a fascinator hat, but I do see similarities.
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