Kate Winslet's Anti Cosmetic Surgery Campaign

In Celebs by Kelly Bryant , on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 1:52 PM (PDT)
kate winslet
Botox-Free Zone


Kate Winslet and Other British Actresses Form a League Of Their Own

Kate Winslet has never been shy about rallying against the conformity of Hollywood -- whether it's trying to live up to the industry's unrealistic weight expectations or its obsession with youth and plastic surgery. But now the British beauty is taking it a step further by telling The Telegraph she's formed an informal British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League with Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz.

"I will never give in," says Winslet. It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty."

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Perhaps someone should have sent her in for an intervention with Heidi Montag before she had her infamous marathon day of procedures.

"I'm an actress, I don't want to freeze the expression on my face," says the 35-year-old.

What do you think a meeting of the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League looks like? I'm envisioning tea, crumpets, a copy of Us Weekly and a sharpie so that they can circle all of the alleged cosmetic surgery they can find.

In the past Thompson has also been vocal about staying away from the knife.

"I'm not fiddling about with myself," says the 52-year-old actress. "We're in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60."

Think any American actresses will join the crusade?

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Comments (8)
Posted By dsafsa (3 years ago)
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Posted By Char (3 years ago)
Good for them! American actresses join? Maybe Halle Berry- who doesnt need it, but then none of them do- Halle is just more confident.
Posted By Mike (3 years ago)
So rich naturally beautiful women do want others to get what they have been blessed with. When these women stop wearing heels, sexy outfits/dresses, or make-up, then I'll consider their message truthful, but until then, get real.
Posted By Maideno (3 years ago)
Kate is a beautiful woman and outstanding actress, but didn't she have a boob job years ago, as shown in her famous scene in Titanic? She then had the implants removed. I guess it's the "Do as I say, not as I did" routine.
Posted By Jason (3 years ago)
@Mike: Haha! Exactly! Seems they are campaigning against competition on the Red Carpet more likely..? ;p Why doesn't she take up a real cause? Like (Stop) Fake Fingernails! Or More Blush is Too Much!
Posted By Kenny Pantier (2 years ago)
Yeah!! It's about time somebody has done this!! You go Katie!!
Posted By Sally Bauman (2 years ago)
I am behind her all the way on this..too much pressure to be the perfect person in Hollywood...but you need to check your dates on her age, she is born in 1975 which does not add up to 52 it makes her 36!!
Posted By Brittany (2 years ago)
This is like launching a campaign against skinny women. If she doesn't want plastic surgery than don't get it. But why do you need to tell everyone else how to live. What a brat. So women get their lips injected or boobs done. Some women feel incredible after getting plastic surgery and although it may be unethical in some eyes, so are tattoos (still unethical in some eyes). Can you imagine if they had the "right" that she thinks she has to tell everyone they can't get tattoos. Yes you should be happy with yourself but sorry ... fat women with little breasts are not always very happy about their image!!! This transitions into their mood, their life, their perspective of things, and the way they function as a person. Grow up Kate. Mind your own business. Besides, I highly doubt she hasn't had a little botox. Next, Kim K will join her in the campaign as well. HA!
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