Katherine Heigl to Produce and Star in 'The Knitting Circle'

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 4:00 AM (PDT)
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Back on TV

Sure, Katherine Heigl has made an awful lot of enemies in the world of show business, but she's still incredibly talented. And now she's returning to television! No, Katherine won't be starring on Grey's Anatomy again. Instead, she's producing and starring in The Knitting Circle for HBO.

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And remember a couple weeks ago when we reported that Katherine Heigl's marriage to Josh Kelley is suffering from her super-close relationship to her mother? Well, then you won't be surprised to learn that Katherine's mother, Nancy, is co-producing the made-for-television movie with her!

According to, not only will Katherine Heigl be co-producing the movie, but she'll also play the main character: "A mother mourning the death of her young daughter and struggling to overcome the grief that jeopardizes every aspect of her life, including her marriage. She begins to find her way back into the world through a knitting circle and the stories its members share."



The movie adaptation is being written by Dirty Sexy Money's Craig Wright also who once for HBO's Six Feet Under. So, it seems pretty obvious that this script will be a good one!

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This will be Katherine Heigl's first time on television since leaving Grey's Anatomy last year. And to be honest, I'm actually a little bit surprised Heigl agreed to do a movie that won't be on the big-screen. I guess the fact that she's able to produce it helped her decision.

I've been meaning to read Ann Hood's The Knitting Circle for quite a while now and this might be just the motivation I needed to get reading. As much as I disagree with Katherine Heigl's attitude (and current haircut), I do think she's a wonderful actress.

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