Katy Perry Pokes Fun at 'Sesame Street' on SNL

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Katy Perry and Elmo: the next celebrity feud?

Katy Perry knows the breast way to make you laugh. The buxom brunette, whose music video with Elmo was pulled from Sesame Street last week because of her not-kiddie-friendly cleavage, was the musical guest on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this weekend. In it, she mocks her rejection by furry red Muppets.

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In the star-studded premiere of its 36th season, Saturday Night Live welcomed back Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler who took over hosting duties. In the opening monologue, ex-castmembers Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch showed up, and Justin Timberlake appeared to give Poehler a kiss.

But the skit everyone is talking about Monday morning featured Perry, the night's musical guest, spoofing her recent Sesame Street rejection.

In a talk show skit called "Bronx Beat" hosted by Poehler and Maya Rudolph doing their best New Yorkers, Perry played Maureen DiChico, a busty teenage volunteer who has caused a "hullaballoo" at the local library over her revealing t-shirt.

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"Kaboom!" the hosts say. "Look at Elmo's head — it's all stretched out!"

Perry, pleased with the attention, bobs up and down on the couch. Then she says she's been ordered to wear similar shirts everytime she reads to the library kids.

"Who cares if kids are looking at boobs — boobs feed babies, alright?"

Earlier this week a music video "play-date" with Elmo was removed from Sesame Street after the iconic children's show received complaints about Perry's inappropriate outfit.

Not satisfied with just laughs, Perry also hit the stage to belt out some tunes. The singer treated the audience to "California Gurls" and then her hit "Teenage Dream."

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Check out the video below to see part of her skit ... and her super low cut Elmo shirt.



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