Keith Urban Says Family Is No. 1 Priority

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 10:09 AM (PDT)
keith urban
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Good for him

There's something about a dedicated family man in Hollywood or in the music industry that gets the blood pumping. Keith Urban is married to Nicole Kidman and is a country music star, but he says that his family always comes first.

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Unlike my niece, I do not have a thing for country singers, but I like what Keith Urban said about appreciating his family.

"We just have a normal life, we do normal things," Urban said in PEOPLE Country, which I had forgotten existed. "Family is definitely a priority for us."

PEOPLE named Urban their country issue's Hottest Guy of the Year, and it sounds like he's spending some of the time at home working out and eating right to maintain his health/hotness before he goes on tour.

"It's not rocket science, right? I don't deny myself anything; it's calories in, calories burned," he says. "But I will devour an In-N-Out or Steak 'n Shake burger every now and then. Love it."

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Keith Urban's a proud family man! I can appreciate that. He might have some flat-ironing issues like Billy Ray did, but he's a guy dedicated to his wife and two children. Lovely, right?

There's nothing worse than thinking a guy is this stand-up father and dad, and then finding out he's not. Talk is cheap, but I hope that Urban meant what he said about Nicole and the kids. The "date nights and diaper duty" deal? It's cute.

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