Kelly Osbourne Designing Plus-Size Clothing Line [PHOTOS]

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Monday, September 17, 2012, 4:57 AM (PDT)
kelly osbourne plus-size clothing line


Because "No One Takes Notice of a Fat Girl in Fashion," She Says

Kelly Osbourne has sported almost every clothing size and every hair color in the years since she became a celebrity on the MTV reality series The Osbournes, and now the fashionista says she's not only going to launch her own clothing line, but she's going to make sure the line includes options for women who aren't size 6.

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After a reporter told her she was cute even during her messier, "pre-rehab" days -- as Osbourne herself called them -- the offspring of Ozzy and Sharon let slip she's developing a clothing line.

"You know, I was having fun, but no one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion," Osbourne says. "That's the truth! It's sad. That's why I love women like Beth Ditto who are doing their own clothes. That's why when my line comes out I'll never make anything that won't be translated to plus-size as well. Because everyone deserves to wear fashion."

When pressed for more details, Osbourne said, "I'm not going to say anything about anything!" but then confirmed that she is working on her own line of frocks.

Osbourne, who doles out critiques alongside Joan Rivers on E!'s Fashion Police, says her personal style has evolved through the years, simply as a result of growing up.

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"People forget that I was fifteen when I started out on The Osbournes, and I'm 28 next month," she said. "Scary! Scary! So it's just great that over the years I've learned from my mistakes.

Osbourne was also asked if Rivers had given her any fashion tips.

"She's amazing, she's awesome … I love her," she replied.

Okay, but any specific words of wisdom the iconic comedienne has dropped on you?

"F**k everyone!" Osbourne quoted.

Words we can all live by sometimes, right?

Check out our Kelly Osbourne slideshow below to see evidence of her style evolution.



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